We are excited
to bring you
our original

Parsnip Crisps
with Manuka Honey

We use delicious Manuka honey and crispy parsnips which
are high in fibre and huge in flavour with a touch of spice.
These crisps are quite simply, the bee’s knees!

Sweet Potato,
Cheese and Jalapeno

Not only is our sweet potato one of the most
nutritious treats the vegetable kingdom has to offer
– it also tastes incredible if you add a little heat!

Beetroot Crisps with
Horseradish and Dill

Crafted from select red and golden beetroot,
then hand seasoned with a hot horseradish and dill
- for that extra tangy flavour hit!


Who we are

We are Leighton Brown, a Mackem, a Pole and an Irishman, that may sound like a beginning of a joke but we can assure you we are deadly serious about vegetable crisps! We are Cara, Chris and Dom and we met 15 years ago, while working in a restaurant above an East London pub.

We stayed friends and often talked food and recipes over a pint and in 2009 Cara wondered if there might be a gap in the market for some vegetable crisps. When her suspicions were confirmed it was not long before she was experimenting away with flavour combinations before hitting on the winning marriage of Parsnips crisps and Manuka honey. She then got her old mates Dom and Chris on board to help her develop the idea and make more vegetable crisp magic.

We worked full time while building the business in our lunch times, evenings and weekends. Then after some great feedback and fast growth we decided to really go for it, quit our jobs and run full steam ahead. We managed to start and build the business on small savings and without any big marketing or advertising campaigns, simply by having a great product and word of mouth from happy customers.

What we do

From the very beginning our aim was to make really tasty vegetable crisps bursting with flavour and to come up with winning combinations that are a genuine treat for the taste buds. We achieved this by creating fusions of flavours, using a mix of traditional, bold and distinctive ingredients.

Our unique recipes are vegetarian, gluten free and made with only natural ingredients but most importantly they taste great!

Over the years we have been awarded several prestigious Great Taste Awards by the Guild of Fine Food. In 2016 we were delighted to achieve a Gold Star for every one of our flavours.

We simply make great tasting snacks for people to enjoy.

Cara, Chris and Dom
LB Team




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